Mar/06/2014: PAFCalc Android app 1.0 is on F-Droid market
Feb/10/2014: Released PAFCalc Android app 1.0
Dec/23/2013: New site layout. Started android version development
Jun/20/2013: Released v. 1.0.1
May/21/2013: Released v. 1.0.
May/08/2013: Updated Sourceforge.


Planted Aquarium Ferilizers Calculator for Android is an useful utility that help in calculations related to DIY fertilizers for planted aquariums.
mainpage It has been completly written with Android developer studio, that may ensure portability to tablets and smartphones.
A desktop version is also availlable.
This tool was born as part of Nyagua a software born to manage your aquariums data, then has been released as standalone project for those who are not interested to download the whole application.

It's distributed under GNU GPL v.2 license, for free, as it is, without any warranty implicit and explicit.

This app doesn't access any external function on your device.

The app is now available also from F-Droid market F-Droid logo

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